Webinar - Low Carbon Standard – a French certification for afforestation, reforestation and improved forest management projects

In keeping with its mission, the International Family Forestry Alliance (IFFA) has launched a series of webinars intended for the managers of woodlot owners’ associations around the globe. Managers often deal with similar issues but have few opportunities to share their experiences with their international counterparts. These webinars attempt to bridge this gap by providing a forum for managers to exchange information and discuss issues.


During most of the sessions, speakers will be invited to give a brief presentation on a topic faced by forest owners’ associations in their region. Afterwards, a moderator will lead discussions among participants. These webinars are held in English on the Teams platform and participation is free of charge.


Our next guest speakers, Ms. Hortense Wiart will introduce us to Low Carbon Standard – a French certification for afforestation, reforestation and improved forest management projects. The standard facilitates the funding of forestry projects by delivering Emission Reductions (i.e. carbon credits) and co-benefits, monitored by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition. Ms. Wiart, which holds a background in Forest and nature management, is since 2020 Carbon Project Manager at FRANSYLVA Fédération Forestiers Privés de France. Prior to that she worked as the animator of the Climat Fresca which is a fun, participatory and creative workshop on climate change. She also worked in Forestinvest Business Angels as communication and projects manager on Canopée Challenge. She graduated from the Department of Food and Resource Economics at University of Copenhagen, holds a degree of Environmental Management and Environmental Science from the University of Chili as well as a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Sciences from the Institut Catholique de Paris.


Managers of forest owners’ associations who wish to participate in the webinar must provide their name and affiliation by sending an email to bois@upa.qc.ca. A reply will be sent with the information required to connect to the webinar. Participants must register prior to each webinar.


For more information, please contact Vincent Miville (vmiville@upa.qc.ca) at the Quebec’s Federation of Forest Owners.


13:00 pm



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