Webinar: Challenges and Opportunities of Forest Owners Organizations in the province of New-Brunswick

In keeping with its mission, the International Family Forestry Alliance (IFFA) has launched a series of webinars intended for the managers of woodlot owners’ associations around the globe. Managers often deal with similar issues but have few opportunities to share their experiences with their international counterparts. These webinars attempt to bridge this gap by providing a forum for managers to exchange information and discuss issues.


During most of the sessions, speakers will be invited to give a brief presentation (25 minutes) on the forest owners’ associations in their region and the issues they face. Afterwards, a moderator will lead a 25-minute discussion among participants. These webinars are held on the Zoom platform, which most people find easy to use. Four webinars are planned for 2021 and participation is free of charge.


Our next guest speaker, Ms. Susannah Banks, will introduce us to Challenges and Opportunities for Forest Owners’ Organizations in the Province of New Brunswick (Canada). Ms. Banks grew up on a dairy farm and working woodlot in Canada. She has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from McGill University. Committed to rural landowners and communities, she has worked as an extension specialist and executive director for over 20 years. During the last five years, Ms. Banks has served as executive director of the New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners, a not-for-profit association of the seven regional Forest Product Marketing Boards in the province. Her organization oversees the governmental silviculture program and is the point of contact for private woodlot owners in New Brunswick, as well as providing educational opportunities, promoting the sustainable management of private woodlots, and lobbying for policies that benefit private landowners. The roughly 42,000 private woodlot owners in New Brunswick own and manage around 1.8 million ha of forest land, which represents 30% of the total forest land in the province.


Managers of forest owners’ associations who wish to participate in the webinar must provide their name and affiliation by sending an email to registration@familyforestryalliance.org  An automatic reply will be sent with the information required to connect to the webinar. Participants must register prior to each webinar.


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