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Introducing IFFA, the voice of family forest owners

Meet IFFA: Advocating for family forest owners worldwide


Our mission is to promote family forestry, advocate for ownership rights, and ensure its economic, social, and environmental viability.
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IFFA is a global advocate for family forest owners, amplifying their voice and supporting producer organizations at national and regional levels.
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Our objectives include advocating sustainable forest management, representing family forest owners, and promoting the value of family forestry globally.
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Propagation of indigenous trees by IFFA and Tree Growers Association of Nyandarua
Kenya has forty seven (47) units of government called county governments. Nyandarua County is one of these governments. Nyandarua County has 27.5% tree cover and 26.2% forest cover. Much of this land belongs…
The role and potential of small forest holders in Climate Change must be better recognized
IFFA is convinced that farmers and small forest holders are amongst the most vulnerable to Climate Change. At the same time, these farmers and small forest holders can play an enormous potential in…
Forests save climate Forests mitigate Climate Change
Wildlife in Africa is under the threat of habitat loss and degradation, poaching and hunting. We do what we can to preserve nature and wildlife in Africa.

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The Future of Namibian Forestry Conference

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Guide to investing in locally controlled forestry

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