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Who we are

Founded in 2002 and incorporated in Washington DC in 2006, the International Family Forestry Alliance (IFFA) is an independent civil society organization established in response to the growing number of policy issues impacting family forestry globally. At the time of its inception, no international forest owner organization existed at the UN level advocating for family working forestry, while 84 environmental organizations like WWF, Greenpeace, and EDF focused on forestry in lobbying efforts.

IFFA serves as the global voice for family forest owners, who collectively own 20% of the world’s forests. The organization was created to represent family forest owners on the international stage, participating in global conventions, United Nations meetings, and other key forums where policy decisions influence national legislation. Given that 20% of forests worldwide are privately owned, it is crucial to have representation and recognition for family forestry at the global level.

Family forests, primarily managed for firewood, timber, fruit, and other forest products, often operate at subsistence levels. IFFA champions privately owned and managed forests, providing a platform for family forestry to be heard in international negotiations, working groups, projects, and initiatives related to forests, forest management, biodiversity, landscape management, and the sustainable use of wood resources.

about us

Our Mission

The IFFA aims to promote Family forestry, advocate for ownership rights and ensure economic, social and environmental viability.

Represent family forest owners
advocate sustainable forest management
support producer organizations