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The Forest Dialgue at Yale University TFD and the Advisory Committee on sustainable based industries ACSFI at FAO invited stakeholders around the world to discuss the urgent topic of ecosystem restoration at the 2nd round table talks in New Haven, Conneticut USA.

The board member of IFFA Lorenz Klein von Wisenberg represented the voice of the family forestry during the 2 days talks from January 31 st to February 1 st, 2023.

The overall question was how can the private forest sector contribute to ecosystem restoration? This dialogue should continue and enrich the outcomes of the 1. Round table takes in Rome October 2022. Since the main approach in the previous discussion was dominated by the forest industry as a top down – resource based approach Mr. von Wisenberg brought up to the discussion the other – not lesser important approach: bottom up as a right holder based system. Supporting and sustaining locally controlled forestry by their efforts to restore ecosystems offer a far reaching benefit to sustainability and beyond. Focal points of the high level discussions with a broad range of stakeholders was the definition of private sector comprising a variety of stakeholders and the understanding of the complexity of restoration which not only bases on environmental and social aspects. The economical pillar of sustainability is significant important to all facets for incentivising and conducting restoration. Also the vital discussion about motivation and expectations, carrots and sticks with fracture lines as well recommendations for further steps made the dialogue a very productive and valued event.

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